General Management

Taking your career to the next level requires an enhanced skill that could easily help you step on the ladder of promotion. This program allows a student to groom himself or herself for the managerial position. Not only grooming, but also in-depth knowledge of business and business strategies, would help students advance to the next level of their professional careers and sit in managerial positions.


Up to 70% Scholarships For General Management Students

Our partner universities are committed to providing high-quality education to students from all backgrounds. We understand that the cost of education can be a barrier for many students, which is why we offer up to 70% scholarships on tuition fees. These scholarship programs are designed to support students who demonstrate academic excellence, financial need, or have other exceptional circumstances. We aim to make education accessible to everyone and ensure that students have the opportunity to pursue their academic and career goals without financial barriers in the field of General Management.

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